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  • Learn To Play Chords on the Guitar

    As your guitar studies continue you are always going to come across new chords. Depending how far you go with your studying and, of course, your chosen genre you are going to need to get to grips with a variety of chords. In order to keep all this relevant, on this page you will, find the chords that crop up the most in popular music. Starting with the Open Chords, then Bar Chords, 7th Chords and so on. Click on each chart's chord name for a lesson video.

  • The Open Chord Shapes

    These chord shapes are essential for all guitarists and you will be surprised to see how often they crop up in popular music.


  • F Major Chords

    F Major is one of the first barre chords to learn, but as the shape of a barre is not one that comes easy on the fingers it is often easier to learn half of a barre chord first. Here is an example using F Major as it is chord that crops up frequently and can't be played as an open chord.

    F Major

    F Major Chord Photo

    F Major(Half)

    F Major Chord Photo
  • Suspended Chords

    In a Suspended Chord the 3rd is left out and replaced by a 2nd or more often the 4th note of the chord's scale. The suspended chords shown below are used often in rock and folk music and create a 'suspended' sound, whereby a note from a previous chord is carried over into the following chord. Applying suspended chords to a particular chord sequence is a simple and very useful way of embellishing an accompaniment chord part, that shows a little more imagination as opposed to just strumming straight chords.


    A sus 2 Chord Photo


    A sus 4 Chord Photo


    D sus 2 Chord Photo


    D sus 4 Chord Photo
  • Dominant 7 Chords

    The Dominant 7 Chord is made up of a Root Note, Major 3rd, 5th and a Minor 7th. It is the Minor 7th that gives it's distinctive sound, hence the name dominant 7. It is a chord that often pops up in blues, jazz and soul. Here are some examples of dominant 7th chords.


    G7 Chord Photo

  • Minor 7th Chords

    The Minor 7th Chord is made up of a Root Note, a Minor 3rd a 5th and a Minor 7th. It is a common chord in Jazz and Latin Music, here are some open chord shapes for the Minor 7 and a few barre chords.


    Cmin7 Chord Photo


    Amin7 Chord Photo


    Gmin7 Chord Photo


    Emin7 Chord Photo


    Dmin7 Chord Photo


    Bmin7 Chord Photo