• Please Make A Donation!

    I am sure that you can appreciate that this site takes a great deal of time to maintain so in order that i can keep it up and running i ask that if you can afford to that you make a donation. That way those that can't afford to pay for lessons can still use this site. If you have the cash please help out!!

    t is my aim to keep this site as free as possible because not everyone has the money to pay for their education and unfortunatley a lot of very bright individuals don't always get the kind of schooling and nurturing that they need. I see it all of the time even here in London.

    With the internet it is possible to make learning even easier for those who might not have have the opportunity to learn music as i have, or to assist those who just need something to help get them started or a little encouragement and positive thinking!

    I would like to provide as much musical knowledge here free of charge for those less fortunate than myself, or for those who are unable to take lessons because of busy schedules, in order that they can become as good as they can or would like to be. It is early days here, as i am putting up as much information on here in my free time when i am not playing or teaching. So please help me out and find your way to making a donation, and of course, keep playing!