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  • The Major Pentatonic Scale

    Major Pentatonic Scales can most often be heard in Rock, Country and Jazz and sometimes in Blues as there is only one note difference between the Major Pentatonic and the Major Blues Scale.

    A Pentatonic Scale consists of 5 notes from the diatonic 8 note scale. A Major Pentatonic scale is constructed as follows:

    Root, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th

    Or, in the Key of C major as follows:

    C, D, E, G, A

    As there is no 7th in the Major Pentatonic it can be played over both a Dominant 7 and a Major 7 chord. In the case of a Dominant 7th chord it produces a 13th chord and over the Major 7 a 6th chord which add interesting textures to your harmonies.

    Below you will see some Major Pentatonic scale positions that I use often:

    Position 1

    Major Pentatonic Scale Scale  

    Position 2

    Major Pentatonic Scale Scale  

    Position 3

    Major Pentatonic Scale Scale  

    Position 4

    Major Pentatonic Scale Scale  

    Position 5

    Major Pentatonic Scale Scale  

    Once you have the Pentatonic under your belt in these positions practice it in all 12 keys