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  • bar chord

    Easy Ways To Learn Chords

    by Simon James.

    One of the first things that you will discover is that in order to play anything on the guitar you are going to need to get used to playing chords. That said once you have got a good number of chords under your belt you will be amazed at how often the same chord shapes crop up in a wide variety of music.

    Some of the chords you need to know will include major, minor, 7ths, sus, diminished and augmented. However, to begin with you will be ably to play a surprising amount of songs just with the open chord shapes.

    From there move onto mastering an F Chord both as a four string chord and as a bar chord. Once you have mastered it as a bar chord you will soon realize that the bar chord shape is a moveable chord shape that opens up a whole host of other bar chords.

    Start by learning the eight open chord shapes at and then move onto the F Bar chord and see how many songs in popular music will be at your disposal.

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