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    Helpful Tips: How To Learn New Chords

    by Simon James.

    When you begin to learn the guitar you will find that you have to put your fingers in all kinds of strange positions. Many beginners often find this off putting. Below are a few tips to help you gradually build up speed and fluency when changing chords.

    1. Always practice chords slowly and on a loop, for example, play one chord and hold it for 4 beats, then repeat it over and over

    2. Try putting together two chords at a time, again playing one bar on each chord and practicing on a loop.

    3. Look for ‘anchor’ fingers. These are fingers that stay in the same place for two chords. Make sure you keep that finger down when moving from one chord to the next.

    4. Add one/two more chords

    5. Gradually speed up

    6. The One Minute Workout: Try playing your chosen number of chords over and over for a minute at a time.

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