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    How To Play Bar Chords

    by Simon James.

    The Guitar, like all musical instruments, can sometimes be very unforgiving. There are Technical aspects that can be mastered instantly and there are others that will take a little bit longer.

    One of the first major tests that you will encounter is how to play Bar Chords. A bar chord refers to the act of making a bar with your first finger across all six strings and then making a chord shape with your remaining fingers on top of the bar.

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    Learning how to construct and play a bar chord will take some time to master but you should not be deterred.

    First of all, learn by playing half of the bar chord first. Take F as an example. Play the shape on the first four strings first and then play the F as a power chord on the 4,5 and 6th strings.

    The second tip would be to then take these half bar shapes and move them up and down the fretboard, one fret at a time, so that your fingers gradually get stronger and more accustomed to making the shape. Start by playing high up the neck and gradually moving down towards the tuning pegs. Notice here that as you do this the frets become larger the further down you go. This is very important as it easier to make the shapes towards the body end of the neck. As you move down the guitar your hand will gradually get stretched into the more difficult positions further down.

    One very important point to remember when learning bar chords is to not be deterred. Keep at it and don’t worry if it’s not perfect! Learning this technique will take some time, and one day you will suddenly be able to do it without a problem and without noticing the transition point from not playing them to playing them! But then by that time, there will be another difficult technique on the horizon that you are striving for!

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