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  • 30 Days to Better Guitar Playing

  • 30 Days to Better Guitar Playing

    • 30 days to better blues guitar ebook

      30 Days To Better Blues Guitar eBook $15.99

      In the 30 Days to Better Blues Guitar eBook you will find a month long practice routine with a lesson a day on a topic covering some of the basics and most fundamental principles of Blues Guitar playing. Each short lesson will improve your knowledge of soloing, licks, scales, arpeggios, chords, harmony, vibrato, accents, phrasing, ear training and sight reading.

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  • muddy and geneva waters

    Learning the Blues: 10 Essential Tips to Get You Started

    If you are a guitarist and you want to make a start at learning the Blues there are certain things that you can do to help prepare for your journey into Blues music.

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  • lightnin hopkins

    Easy Blues Rhythm Guitar : The 12 Bar Blues Shuffle

    The Blues Shuffle is one of the defining and most commonly used rhythms in Blues music. Its iconic sound has formed the backbone of many a Blues tune from the likes of Robert Johnson, B.B.King and Eric Clapton.

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  • t bone walker

    Stormy Monday: How Jazz has Influenced the Blues

    Count Basie was a master when it came to swinging the Blues during the 1930s. With the clever use of chord substitutions by the guitarist in his orchestra, Freddie Green.

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  • eric-clapton

    Blues Variations Part 1

    The most typical blues structure is the 12 bar blues form where we play four bars on the 1, two bars on the 4, two bars on the 1, then one bar each on the 5, the 4, the 1 and the 5. So a blues in A will go as follows: four bars on A, two on D, two on A, one on E, one on D, one on A, one on E.

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  • b b king

    Blues Variations Part 2

    Variations in blues often can include making chromatic additions to the 12 bar form. Here are a few typical chord additions that you may come across in your blues studies.

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