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    • 30 days to better blues guitar ebook

      30 Days To Better Blues Guitar eBook $15.99

      In the 30 Days to Better Blues Guitar eBook you will find a month long practice routine with a lesson a day on a topic covering some of the basics and most fundamental principles of Blues Guitar playing. Each short lesson will improve your knowledge of soloing, licks, scales, arpeggios, chords, harmony, vibrato, accents, phrasing, ear training and sight reading.

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  • strymon flint tremolo and reverb pedal

    Strymon Flint Tremolo and Reverb Pedal

    For decades great guitar sounds have been created from amps that have both Tremolo and Reverb options. My Fender Deluxe, for example, is pretty hard to beat when it comes to combining the two. But when I am using other amplifiers, some of the Tremolo and Reverb pedals are sadly lacking in this department.

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  • vintage sg

    Sound Advice For Buying Equipment

    by Simon James.

    Developing a good relationship with your equipment supplier is an essential and useful part of being a guitarist. The amount of gear required to maintain yourself at professional level means that you will be constantly required to update equipment....

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  • slash

    Music Equipment Sponsorship and Endorsements

    by Simon James.

    The lack of professional gear is a problem that will hamper all instrumentalists, but most notably it is the guitarist in a band that is effected most of all as there is such an enormous range of genre....

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  • guitar4free effects board

    Don't Forget To Label Your Pedals!

    by Simon James.

    It’s so easily done, and it happened to me many times before I learned the hard way; don't forget to label your settings! Just think you’ve been playing and you’ve really nailed a great guitar sound...

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