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  • 30 Days to Better Guitar Playing

  • 30 Days to Better Guitar Playing

  • guitar Rockschool Grade 6

    Using The Guitar Rockschool for GCSE Music and Your National Record of Acheivement

    by Simon James.

    We are all eagerly awaiting the new Guitar Rockschool syllabus due out later this year. The current Rockschool syllabus has proved to be very popular among my students whatever level they are at. Notably, the blues numbers Secret Place and X Blues III have provided fun instruction that have not only been useful in learning the blues but have turned out to be fantastic ensemble pieces for those needing to perform for their GCSE music exams.

    The Rockschool Exams also provide a handy feather in the cap for those looking for extra weight on their National Records of Acheivement. The Rockschool is a recognised syllabus and is rapidly gaining more and more credibility especially with the advent in popularity of the Rockschool for Vocals, Keys, Bass and Drums.

    The guitar is certainly recognised as a fun instrument to take up as well as being one that goes against the grain of the classical world. Yet students of guitar can sometimes find themselves slightly lacking when it comes to having a solid measurement to show off for their efforts. In these days where places at University are so competitively sought after any extra accomplishments are always going to look good on those UCAS forms!

    This is where the Guitar Rockschool is proving to be a useful way to fill in the gaps and help keep contemporary guitar studies relevant to music at GCSE and A Level. What more fun way could there be to help you pass your exams and extra clout to your National Record of Acheivement?

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