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    • 30 days to better blues guitar ebook

      30 Days To Better Blues Guitar eBook $15.99

      In the 30 Days to Better Blues Guitar eBook you will find a month long practice routine with a lesson a day on a topic covering some of the basics and most fundamental principles of Blues Guitar playing. Each short lesson will improve your knowledge of soloing, licks, scales, arpeggios, chords, harmony, vibrato, accents, phrasing, ear training and sight reading.

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  • b.b.king

    Lick of the Week: Thrill Is Gone by B.B.King

    B.B. King is widely regarded as the official King of Blues, so no study of Blues Guitar can be complete without a thorough knowledge of his playing style and repertoire. In the Lick this week we will be looking at the intro to one of B.B. Kings signature tunes and biggest hit Thrill is Gone from the 1970 Album Completely Well.

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  • stevie ray vaughan

    Lick of the Week: Mary Had A Little Lamb by Stevie Ray Vaughan

    The lick for today is a 12 Bar Texas Blues Shuffle in E called Mary Had A Little Lamb by 80s Blues master and another of my favourite guitar players, Stevie Ray Vaughan. If you have yet to get into the Texas Flood album by SRV I advise you to do so right now.

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  • jimmy page guitar

    Lick of the Week: Gravity by John Mayer

    In this lesson we will be looking at how to play the intro to Gravity by John Mayer taken from the live version on the Live from Abbey Road EP.

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