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  • 30 Days to Better Guitar Playing

  • 30 Days to Better Guitar Playing

  • Camden Guitar Ensemble

    Playing and Learning by Ear

    by Simon James.

    Back in the old days when Jazz was super cool, when Elvis was shaking and rolling, the Beatles were in Hamburg and Fender nailed electric guitar construction, there was no YouTube, no videos lessons, no tabs. Moreover, guitar teachers were in short supply. It is hard to imagine now, but all a young guitarist had in those days, was his ear, his instrument and his record collection.

    The young Hendrix would be playing along to whatever blues record he could get his hands on with his last $5. The young Jimmy Page would take what he had learned from the old blues masters straight to the studio to cut his own blend of new blues. It goes without saying that these individuals were all fantastic players, and that is because they had trained their ears so well by learning from whatever limited recordings were available and by practising over and over.

    Playing by ear is essential if you are to really come close to mastering the guitar. And it doesn't need to cost you much either! Simply crank up the songs that you want to learn to maximum volume on your stereo and play along! Find the notes get a groove and off you go! And don’t stop until the neighbours start complaining!

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