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    • 30 days to better blues guitar ebook

      30 Days To Better Blues Guitar eBook $15.99

      In the 30 Days to Better Blues Guitar eBook you will find a month long practice routine with a lesson a day on a topic covering some of the basics and most fundamental principles of Blues Guitar playing. Each short lesson will improve your knowledge of soloing, licks, scales, arpeggios, chords, harmony, vibrato, accents, phrasing, ear training and sight reading.

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  • marc ribot and tom waits

    Riff of the Week: Jockey Full of Bourbon by Tom Waits

    This weeks riff features a mean sounding intro and solo around an Harmonic Minor Scale from the tune Jockey Full of Bourbon by Tom Waits. The song is an Avant-Garde Latin number in the typical off-beat Tom Waits mould and features the work of guitarist Marc Ribot.

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  • miles davis and john coltrane

    Riff of the Week: So What by Miles Davis

    The Riff of the Week is back! And this week features a Jazz Riff for the first time. In this study we will be looking at So What by Miles Davis from the Album Kind of Blue.

    This is one of the most well known examples of Modal Jazz, consisting of 16 bars on a D Dorian Mode

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  • jonathan wilson

    Riff of the Week: Desert Raven by Jonathan Wilson

    The Riff of the Week comes from Californian rocker Jonathan Wilson. Credited as being one of the revivers of the Laurel Canyon music scene, Wilson has a blend of 70s inspired psychedelic rock and funk that has spawned this catchy lead riff duet from the album Gentle Spirit.

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  • van morrison

    Riff of the Week: Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison

    One of the most useful lessons I have ever learned on the guitar was how to use triads and Mini Positions on the fretboard. When I was 15 the father of my best friend had an Irish country blues band,

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  • jimi hendrix

    Riff of the Week: Long Hot Summer Night by Jimi Hendrix

    The riff of the week is the intro to Long Hot Summer Night from the 1968 Album Electric Ladyland and is one of my favourite of all Hendrix riffs.

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  • john mayer

    Riff of the Week: Belief by John Mayer

    The first riff of the week comes from vocalist and guitarist John Mayer and involves some really cool blues 6th slides across the 5th and 3rd strings and a little bit of thumb work on the 6th string.

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