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  • 30 Days to Better Guitar Playing

  • 30 Days to Better Guitar Playing

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    Sound Advice For Buying Equipment

    by Simon James.

    Developing a good relationship with your equipment supplier is an essential and useful part of being a guitarist. The amount of gear required to maintain yourself at professional level means that you will be constantly required to update equipment that enables you to provide the sound that matches up to the genre of music that you are performing.

    This can be extremely costly but very necessary in order to do justice to yourself as a player and give authenticity to your sounds. Pedals require constant updating so I am constantly buying and selling through ebay. I have a good mix of vintage and modern effects pedals and am always looking for new and rare ones as they appear on the market.

    I also have a range of amplifiers that give me a number of signature sounds that fit to the music that I play and am known for playing. Sometimes these need repairing or tweaking at short notice, which is where a healthy relationship with an equipment supplier comes in handy. I have been using Chandlers guitars in Kew since I was 16 and they have bailed me out when it comes to rapid services of gear before a late scheduled recording session, as well as turning me onto the latest products that enhance my sound. Having such a steady relationship with those guys has ensured that I always get a good deal on my purchases and I am happy to refer them to other guitarists.

    Trust is an essential element among collectors and dealers of rare and vintage equipment. As your dealer gets to know you through trades he develops a good understanding of the kind of products that interest you and are relevant to your playing and your collection.

    For a decent online store see

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