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  • pat meheney

    Gaining Tone Security When Improvising Over Altered Chords

    by Simon James

    As we did in the previous lessons on Gaining Tone Security and Gaining Tone Security When Improvising Over Extended Chords let us now look at the process for Altered chords to aid accessibility on the fretboard.

    (i) Record the sets of chord changes below, repeating each a number of times so that you have a rhythm backing track over which to play at a moderate tempo

    (ii) Play along to the changes by playing only the altered tones in each chord. Begin by doing this in the position that you are most comfortable in on the fretboard and without too many position changes. Where there are no alterations marked in the notation simply play the extension as in the previous exercise.

    (iii) Repeat this exercise in other positions

    (iv) Record any set of chord changes that you want to work on and add alterations to the chords whenever they sound comfortable to the ear. Notice that the alterations work best over the dominant chords in a progression.

    (v) Go back to the start and try soloing over the changes. Ensure that you pick out the altered and extended chord tones as you go through each exercise again. If you discover a weak area find out why it isn't working and repeat that particular exercise over and over until it becomes more comfortable.

    jazz chord tone exercises  

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