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    Gaining Tone Security When Improvising Over Extended Chords

    by Simon James

    Having established the tone centres in the previous lesson on Gaining Tone Security when improvising over Jazz Chord Progressions, we can now repeat the process for extended chords so that we have a stronger understanding of the base upon which to utilize the jazz guitar scales and arpeggios fully.

    (i) Record the chord changes below, repeating each a number of times so that you have a rhythm backing track over which to play at a moderate tempo

    (ii) Play along to the changes by playing only the 9ths of each chord (in some instances you will be playing a b9).

    (iii) Repeat this exercise this time playing the 11ths

    (iv) Repeat again and play the 13ths

    (v) Repeat again and play the 7ths

    (vi) Repeat and this time try playing the highest extensions of each chord. In this exercise try to keep the movements to a minimum so that you become accustomed to playing the closest extension to each chord shape.

    (vii) Practice these exercises on whatever tune you are working on, gradually increasing the tempo.

    jazz chord tone exercises  

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