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  • ronnie earl

    How to Jazz Up Your Blues Guitar Riffs and Licks

    One way to learn Jazz Guitar is to apply Jazz Guitar Scales to a 12 Bar Blues Progression. This is an accessible way to learn guitar solo techniques for Jazz Guitar music that is relatively uncomplicated as Blues Riffs for Guitar are so familiar sounding on the ear. By improvising using Jazz Guitar Scales you will learn to incorporate Jazz phrasing to your regular Blues Improvisations.

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  • lenny breau

    Riff of the Week: So What by Miles Davis

    The Riff of the Week is back! And this week features a Jazz Riff for the first time. In this study we will be looking at So What by Miles Davis from the Album Kind of Blue.

    This is one of the most well known examples of Modal Jazz, consisting of 16 bars on a D Dorian Mode

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  • winton marsalis

    Jazz Blues Licks

    Learning to solo over Jazz Blues Progressions can give extremely valuable insight into how to construct solos and harmonise correctly. The 12 bar form is relatively simple to master and because nearly all aspects of modern popular music are in some way touched by the blues it should sound suitably familiar.

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  • frank foster

    Introduction to Jazz Blues

    Studying Jazz may be a little overwhelming at the beginning but if you can ease your way into it through familiar routes the benefits to your playing are aplenty. I always encourage my students to work on their understanding of the Blues and Blues repertoire as it plays a fundamental role in almost every aspect of modern popular music.

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  • wes montgomery

    Bebop Scales and Jazz Soloing

    The Jazz Bebop scale is probably the most important scale to learn when studying jazz guitar. Bebop scales are derived from modes of the Major, the Harmonic Minor and the Melodic Minor scales.

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  • kenny burrel be bop guitar

    Useful Bebop Solos and Phrases

    When studying Jazz guitar it is very easy to get bogged down by learning scales and to not spend enough time really working on the phrasing and traditional vocabulary that really makes Jazz improvising sound well- jazzy!

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