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  • good at guitar arpeggio ebook

    Diatonic Arpeggios EBook- How the Notes and Chords Go Together in Any Key

    The Diatonic Arpeggios Ebook Explains how all of the Chords and Arpeggios relate to each other in any given key. Begin by constructing a Two Octave Triadic Arpeggio and then add the 7ths before putting them all together in the Major Scale Sequence

    Essential learning for all songwriters, for those who want to improve their ear training and fundamental knowledge towards gaining a good understanding of Harmony and Music Theory.

    Download the Diatonic Arpeggios E Book Now for $3.00.

  • Janacek, Danse Macabre

    The Diminished 7 Arpeggio

    The Diminished 7th is a unique Arpeggio in that it does not occur naturally within diatonic harmony and can be derived by putting minor 3rds on top of one another. Through this stacking of minor 3rds, it has a very powerful sounding harmony and it always contains an altered note, that is, a note not belonging to the parent scale.

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  • arpeggio

    The Insights Into Chord construction That Come From Arpeggios

    Arpeggios are enormously useful as exercises not only for the training and dexterity that they provide for the fingers but also for the insight they give into chord construction and harmony.

    An arpeggio is made up of the root note, 3rd and 5th notes of the scale....

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  • musical scale intervals

    How To See The Scale Intervals Clearly

    A decent amount of my teaching time is spent encouraging students to learn to play in positions, but I never overlook the value of sometimes just playing with one finger. The layout of the guitar....

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  • Piano Players

    Major and Minor: What's The Difference?

    One answer I hear back constantly to this question is that one is happy and one is sad. If only I had a penny for every time…

    Well, yes.... and no. The problem with this answer is that to an extent this is true when you listen to the two chords next to each other. However, on closer inspection it is rather unsatisfactory....

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  • circle of 5ths

    The Circle of 5ths

    In music theory the circle of 5ths displays the relationships between the twelve note and their respective key signatures. Once understood it is really simple to see all of the key signatures for minor and major scales and how all of the notes are classified.

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  • circle of 5ths

    Melody, Harmony and Counterpoint

    Guitarists tend to think either of playing lead or rhythm, soloing or comping, melodies or chords. When you are a beginner you will probably think of melodies as licks and chords as grips.

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  • g dominant 7 chord

    The Dominant 7 Chord

    The dominant 7th is a common chord in blues and soul music and became more widely used during the 20th century with the rise in popularity of jazz and blues music. It has become a staple sound as these genres have made it increasingly more familiar on the ears, whereas in previous times it was used solely as a tool for the movement of harmony.

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