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  • circle of 5ths

    The Circle of 5ths

    by Simon James.

    In music theory the circle of 5ths displays the relationships between the twelve note and their respective key signatures. Once understood it is really simple to see all of the key signatures for Minor and Major Scales and how all of the notes are classified.

    The term, fifth refers to the interval between the root note and the 5th note of its corresponding scale. It is a consonant or powerful sounding harmony and essential knowledge when studying how chords are built up.

    The circle starts at the top with a C major that has no sharps of flats. As you move around the circle you move along in 5ths. So clockwise form C to G, then D and so on adding the sharps as you go and then anti clockwise down from C to F and Bb, etc to give the flats. Eventually, having continued through all of the 5ths until you reach the original pitch class once again.


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