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    Have a Variety of Music on the Go

    by Simon James.

    Often you will hit obstacles when you practice guitar. These are good because they provide a challenge that you must overcome. They can also be dangerous as they can lead to frustration and worse still become a deterrent to you spending time with your instrument.

    When you practice I always recommend that you have a few things on the go. You must always have your scales and technical work but as well as having a good hardcore study piece you must balance it out with having something light and fun to work on.

    As a student of flamenco guitar I would often be faced with complex techniques that required serious commitment to deal with. There are techniques that I am working on that have taken me months and in some instances years to get right.

    Yet during these periods I often haven’t had the time or been in the headspace to keep working at them. But rather than get deterred from practicing I have simply moved onto something else, to remind me that playing music is not all about keeping your head down studying.

    Always have a good selection of things to work on to keep your hunger to learn stimulated. Short term and long term goals are also useful here. Have the serious study pieces as projects and then have the pieces that you can work on that give you more instant rewards and then have sections of your studying devoted to developing the fundamentals that help you reach all of your goals.

    Just remember to keep playing! If it’s not happening right now, move on to something else and come back to it later with a fresh approach!


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