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  • joseph james and the lost society

    Learn Guitar by Playing Your Favourite Songs- Getting the Most Out Of Learning Music

    by Simon James.

    Guitar Playing can be tremendous fun if you learn by playing your favourite songs. Practice ceases to be practice and instead becomes something that you cannot stop doing, especially when you are working on material that you are unable to get enough of.

    It was a revelation to me when I was able to work out all of the songs on Nevermind by Nirvana and BloodSugarSexMagik by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. These were inspiring times and I learned so much by picking up ideas from all of my favourite artists.

    I literally could not get enough of it, I used to rush home from school, put a cd into my stereo, plug my guitar in and then play along. I would do it over and over and for hours. My mum gave up shouting up to me over the noise for dinner and instead would reach through my bedroom door and flick the light on and off. It was then that I knew it was time to stop!


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