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    A Few Tips from the World of Sport

    by Simon James.

    Natural Talent

    The analogy between sport and music is one that I find myself using all of the time when I am teaching as I find the disciplines involved in both remarkably similar. Certainly there are those musicians and sportsmen in the world that are so phenomenally talented that you could be forgiven for thinking that they have been lifted off the earth dipped in some special juice and put back down to perform and make the rest of us feel humble! Think of Lionel Messi and his five goals for Barcelona in the Champions League to see what I mean. Humbling yes, but inspiring at the same time!

    Focus and Hard Work

    For the rest of us, we can rest assured that decent levels of musicianship and artistry can still be acheived. With good focus and hard work we can be as good as we want to be and always strive to improve. This is where the training required to be a sportsmen and a musician have so much in common. After all, an athlete needs to warm up before attempting a good 100m sprint or a perfect pole vault, in the same way a musician goes through their exercises before a solo performance.

    Long Term Goals

    Furthermore, there are those difficult techniques that require extra training and can’t be mastered straight away. Rowing requires perfect technique and efficiency in order to reach peak ability, as does finger picking guitar. These are skills that require extended training and patience and sometimes a healthy chunk of sadism! Why am I putting myself through this you might ask? And then when you reach your goal of being a fine finger picker or a flamenco, all of the hard work pays off!


    All of the aforementioned require dedication and hard work. David Beckham must have spent hours and hours perfecting his kicking, so that now when his team are awarded a free kick it is tantamount to a penalty. The same is true of learning the guitar. You may not feel that you are a Tommy Emmanuel or an Aziz Ibrahim, but then who does? Just do your best, practice well, and you will always be a cut above the others!


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