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    Tackling the Monster: Wynton Marsalis' 12 Essential Practice Tips

    by Simon James.

    I will always remember watching Wynton Marsalis' instruction video, back in the days of VHS, entitled Tackling the Monster. In it he detailed 12 essential tips for effective practice which have stuck with me ever since. I usually cite them when meeting musicians that are just starting out but, in my opinion, they are very relevant for players of all levels and ages:

    1.Find the best private instruction you can afford

    2. Write out a regular and disciplined practice schedule and stick to it

    3. Set yourself realistic targets

    4. Concentrate when practicing

    5. Relax and practice slowly

    6. Ensure that you work on what you can't play - (The hard parts)

    7. Always play with maximum expression

    8. Don't be too tough on yourself

    9. Definitely do not show off

    10. Think for yourself - (Don't rely on methods)

    11. Always Be optimistic- "Music washes away the dust of everyday life"

    12. Look for connections between your music and other things


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