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  • audio realism drum machine

    Audio Realism Drum Machine Plug In

    by Simon James.

    Free With the June Edition of Computer Music

    I recently purchased issue 178 of Computer Music and was inspired to write by what I found on the cover disc. What you can find there is a Roland TR-606 Emulation and a large sample library of vintage drum sounds.

    What the free disc provides is a cut down version of the Audio Realism ADM which is available at all good retailers now for €113 and it’s a superb demo to give you a good idea of how the ADM works.

    The real bonus is that you will find three classic Roland drum machines all in one plug in. Combined are the TR-606, the 808 and the 909. For me this was quite a find as I have been trying to get my hand on a 909 for some time, because I have used it in the past and it is one of the most unrivalled beatboxes that I have come across.

    Check out the Demo:

    From what I have researched the one drawback is that the ADM full version is apparently a little fiddly when it comes to trying to add sounds to the sample library. This is something that you will have to do at some point as, for ‘legal reasons,’ the full databases of sounds that came with the three original drum machines can’t be added to the ADM.

    Nevertheless, there is still a fine selection of vintage sounds complete with a step sequencer and lots of other devices that you will get a lot of mileage out of and when you can try the free sample with the latest edition of Computer music what have you got to lose?


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