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    Are You Hooked on Music Theory?

    by Simon James.

    Music Theory Made Simple With the Song Wiki

    As a child music theory was one of my weakest areas when learning instruments. I couldn’t relate how the notes on the staff corresponded to the notes that I was playing and no matter how many teachers tried to explain this to me I couldn’t get my head around it.

    It actually properly began to make sense when I started to program music using Cubase when I was a teenager. Suddenly I was able to visualise how the notes were organised both in terms of pitch and rhythm upon the score .

    This is one of the reasons that I was so impressed to see the SongWiki at What is so special is that the application displays melody and chord progressions in a really simple and easy to visualise layout rather like the score editor on Logic or ProTools.

    As you can see in the photo, the corresponding chords to the major scale are numbered as numerals underneath, whilst the notes of the melody are spaced out in time over the four beats in each bar. The student is not only able to visualise the intervals between the notes in the melody but also where they fall in relation to the rhythm. Together with this, you can listen to the song or midi sample in real time as it moves through the progression to hear all of this come together.

    The SongWiki is the brainchild of three University of Berkeley, California Graduates, Dave Carlton, Ryan Miyakawa and Chris Anderson and is one of the most effective ways that I have utilised in the classroom to explain how music theory works for popular music. The guys at have a database of over 1000 popular tunes where you can use this software and are hoping to develop it so that teachers can use it in the classroom.

    I have been using snippets such as the one above on the HookTheory website to explain to GCSE students how to approach songwriting for their coursework and as well as being clear as day visually, the repertoire available makes it tremendously enjoyable as well as providing the essential method behind songs that applies across the board. Well done guys!

    Time to get hooked....

    Check out the Song Wiki at


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