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  • essential concepts in guitar improvisation ebook

    Essential Concepts in Guitar Improvisation eBook -$19.99

    An In Depth Study of Guitar Improvisation focusing on Scale Intervals, Melody, Harmony, Counterpoint, Major Modes, Melodic Minor Modes and Harmonic Minor Modes.

    This edition comes with a FREE Bundle of 20 Backing Tracks

    In order to be a good improviser it is necessary to have a thorough knowledge of chords, scales, harmony and melody. Often I notice that there is a prevalent view that all of these things are somehow separate. On the one side there are chords and on the other there are melodies, and that the job of the improviser is to be able to somehow put the two together.

    The aim of the Essential Concepts in Guitar Improvisation ebook is to dispel this notion and highlight the connection between chords and scales. The scale is the parent of the harmony that it generates and is interrelated to all of the chords in the diatonic sequence. Once this is understood the mystery of combining chords, using modes, arpeggios and intervals is made clear. When fully understood the diatonic system provides all of the answers for the improviser.

    In reality improvising is simple and fun and is a means of expression, connection and limitless possibilities. There is no cause for panic and no need for headaches. All of the concepts in this book work because this is how I learned to improvise and master the fretboard.

    This ebook follows on from my Two Short eBooks on Diatonic Arpeggios whereby the diatonic sequence of chords and how to construct major, minor, augmented and diminished arpeggios was outlined. As well as being treated as a book of exercises this book should be regarded as a manual to accompany the repertoire that you are studying as there are concepts and techniques that you will grasp straight away and others that you will want to keep referring back to.

    Simply put, this book is intended to put you into a position where you feel at home in harmonic contexts and to avoid getting lost. By following these ideas through you will be able to improvise over any chord progression, see how the progressions connect and inter-relate and understand where they come from and how they relate in the harmonic context.

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    • Essential Concepts in Guitar Improvisation eBook- List of Lessons


      • Introduction- The Truth About Improvising
      • The Major Scale
      • Using the Intervals
      • Visualising the Intervals
      • Major Modes
      • Intervals and Modes
      • Modes: Derivative and Parallel
      • Using a Vamp to Learn Modes
      • Contrapuntal Motion and Improvisation
      • Parallel Motion
      • Contrary Motion
      • Similar Motion
      • Oblique Motion
      • Diatonic 2nd Intervals
      • Diatonic 3rd Intervals
      • Diatonic 4th Intervals
      • Diatonic 5th Intervals
      • Diatonic 6th Intervals
      • Diatonic 7th Intervals
      • Interval Moves
      • Combination Playing
      • Tools for Improvisation
      • The Melodic Minor Scale
      • Using the Intervals
      • Visualizing the Intervals
      • Modes
      • Intervals and Modes
      • Using a Vamp to Learn Melodic Minor Modes
      • The Harmonic Minor Scales
      • Using the Intervals
      • Harmonic Minor Modes
      • Visualizing the Intervals
      • Intervals and Modes
      • Using a Vamp to Learn Harmonic Minor Modes
      • Taking this Approach Further

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