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  • Jamie Holroyd Introduction to Jazz Improvisation eBook

    Introduction to Jazz Guitar Improvisation eBook -$14.99

    by Jamie Holroyd

    Learning to play jazz guitar can sometimes be an overwhelming and daunting process, but, I honestly believe anyone that wants to play jazz guitar, can. Introduction to Jazz Guitar Improvisation breaks down and demystifies the process of jazz guitar soloing into small digestible chunks so that any guitarist can have fun, no matter what level or musical background they come from.

    This book aims to teach you the art of jazz guitar playing by combing technical knowledge with practical musical examples so that the material can be applied in performance situations. The material in this book covers many different aspects of jazz guitar soloing such as scales, patterns, rhythms, licks, sight reading, tone, and repertoire.

    After publishing my first eBook 30 Days to Better Jazz Guitar Comping I have had many emails asking for something similar that focuses on single line soloing. While this book is not a 30 day series, it can be used in the same way as my first book, but also feel free to take as long as you need in learning the material from each lesson.

    The aim of this Book is not just to give you a list of progressions and solos to learn but is to hopefully open up new possibilities for playing the Blues on the guitar and to provide an insight into the authenticities of the Blues tradition that have been evolving over the last 150 years.

    When Buying This Ebook You Get

    Over 40 Audio Examples to Accompany Each Lesson

    More Than 100 Etudes and Examples in Full Notation and Tab

    A Chronological and Structured Order of Lessons

    This book contains several years worth of study material organised into 21 compact and in depth lessons that can be used by those that have never played jazz before or those who want to take their existing jazz guitar techniques to the next level

    Improve Your Jazz Playing Today!

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    • Introduction to Jazz Guitar Improvisation List of Lessons

      • Lesson 1: Chord Construction
      • Lesson 2: ii-V-I Progression and Scales
      • Lesson 3: Arpeggios
      • Lesson 4: Chromatic Approach Notes
      • Lesson 5: Playing What You Hear
      • Lesson 6: Enclosures
      • Lesson 7: Jazz Phrases
      • Lesson 8: Tritone Substitution
      • Lesson 9: Transcription
      • Lesson 10: Four Note Groupings
      • Lesson 11: Jazz Rhythms
      • Lesson 12: Developing Phrasing
      • Lesson 13: Practicing Jazz Phrases
      • Lesson 14: Sight Reading/li>
      • Lesson 15: Improvising Over #11 Chords
      • Lesson 16: Bebop Scales
      • Lesson 17: Whole-Tone Scale
      • Lesson 18: Rhythm Changes
      • Lesson 19: Learning Jazz Standards
      • Lesson 20: Getting a Jazz Guitar Sound
      • Click Here to Download Your Introduction to Jazz Guitar Improvisation eBook