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  • matt warnock 30 days to better jazz guitar ebook

    30 Days To Better Jazz Guitar
    - $14.99

    As someone who has studied music most of my life, and spent the last 17 years studying jazz guitar, I know that it can be hard to find new material to work on, figure out where to go next in our learning path or just open our ears and minds to new ideas on the instrument.

    "Less then 50c per Lesson"

    The goal of this project is to not only give you 30 days of material to practice, but hopefully these articles will open your ears and minds up to new possibilities on the instrument and provide hours, weeks or month of further practicing when the month is over.

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  • 30 days to better blues guitar ebook

    30 Days To Better Jazz Guitar Comping
    - $14.99

    Develop a strong comping and chord vocabulary in the same way as learning licks and scales.

    Know how to study and apply chords and comping techniques effectively.

    A range of lessons covering many different comping and chord techniques.

    "Less then 50c per Lesson"

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  • Jamie Holroyd Introduction to Jazz Improvisation eBook

    Introduction to Jazz Guitar Improvisation
    - $14.99

    Breaks down and demystifies the process of jazz guitar soloing into small digestible chunks so that any guitarist can have fun, no matter what their level or musical background.

    Combines technical knowledge with practical musical examples so that the material can be applied in performance situations.

    Different aspects of jazz guitar soloing such as scales, patterns, rhythms, licks, sight reading, tone, and repertoire.

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  • essential concepts in guitar improvisation ebook

    Essential Concepts in Guitar Improvisation

    Focusing on Scale Intervals, Melody, Harmony, Counterpoint, Major Modes, Melodic Minor Modes and Harmonic Minor Modes.

    The aim of this ebook is to highlight the connection between chords and scales.

    Once this is understood the mystery of combining chords, using modes, arpeggios and intervals is made clear - the diatonic system provides all of the answers for the improviser

    FREE Bundle of 20 Backing Tracks

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  • Modern Theory for Guitarists ebook by Joseph Alexander

    Modern Theory for Guitarists eBook -$11.20

    Complete and PRACTICAL music theory course for guitarists. Major Scale Construction, it's 3 and 4 note Harmonisations, and Common Chord Sequences.

    Structured dissection of all the Modes of the Major Scale broken down into their constituent Intervals, Triads, Arpeggios and Pentatonic scales

    Over 200 notated examples, Licks and
    Professional Backing Tracks.

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  • good at guitar arpeggio ebook

    Diatonic Arpeggios eBook- $3.00

    The Diatonic Arpeggios eBook Explains how all of the Chords and Arpeggios relate to each other
    in a given key.

    Begin by constructing a Two Octave Triadic Arpeggio and then add the 7ths before putting them all together in the Major Scale Sequence

    Essential learning for all songwriters, for those who want to improve their ear training and fundamental knowledge towards gaining a good understanding of Harmony and Music Theory.

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  • good at guitar arpeggio ebook

    Introduction to Arpeggios eBook- $1.50

    Arpeggios provide tremendous insight into how to construct chords and how harmonies work.

    Thorough knowledge arpeggios is essential for a good understanding of where chords can be found on the fretboard and how to improvise.

    Construct and play the Major, Minor, Augmented and Diminished Arpeggios that will form the foundation for all of the chords that you will learn form here on. A firm grasp of these arpeggios is a necessary part of your technical development.

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  • One on One Personalised Video Lessons

    Looking for the Right Guitar Teacher?

    I am available for Individual and Group Lessons for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Players. All you need is a Computer with a Camera, a good internet connection and one of the Free Video Programs (I use either Skype or Facebook).

    With each lesson you will receiveve:

    A PDF of the material covered

    An MP3 backing track of the material covered

    Permission to record the lesson for future reference

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