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  • Bossa Nova Rhythm

    The Bossa Nova originates from Brazil and was made famous by guitarists such as Joao Gilberto and Gal Costa during the 1960s. Since its birth it has contributed in its style and with a number of songs to jazz standard repertoire

    Bossa Nova Progression 1

    The Bossa Nova uses a lot of extended and altered chords which combine to give it a mellow Jazzy feel. The chords can be played in the open position but it is more effective if played as barre chords. Often the rhythms are syncopated with root notes played with the thumb and punctuated by chord stabs with the fingers.

    In the video lesson below we will look at a simple Bossa Nova progression beginning on an A minor 7. Each change moves up in intervals of 4ths before alternating by descending to a 5th each time except for the change from the fourth to the fifth chord in the sequence where there is an interval of a b5. There is a cool resolution at the end by way of an E min 7 to an E major which completes the progression and signifies a return to the start that is common when playing Bossa Nova rhythm guitar.

    In the lesson I have kept the rhythm relatively simple so that you can get a feel for the chord changes and the right hand technique.

    For more help with the chord changes and the rhythm download the pdf that accompanies this lesson below the video clip

    Bossa Nova Progression Photo

    Download The Bossa Nova Progression PDF for the Tab and Notation to this and 3 Other Bossa Nova Lessons- Only 0.50p

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