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  • Learn To Play Scales on the Guitar

    Practicing scales is essential no matter what level of musician you are. As a beginner it helps train those fingers so that they get stronger and become used to playing in positions and for the more experienced the scales help hone your technique and improve your knowledge of music. I can't stress enough the importance of learning and practicing scales.

    Here you will find some of the scales that i have found particularly useful over the years along with my favourite positions and fingering. I recommend that you always start your practice time with good solid scale practice and try to allocate a third of your time to scales. So, if you practice for half an hour, spend ten minutes on scales, if you practice for an hour spend twenty minutes on scales, and so on.

    Not only do the scales train your fingers but running a few through at the start of your practice session ensures that you are nicely warmed up before you begin to study a piece or work on improvisation.

    For the intermediate and advanced players amongst you i recommend that you go through the scales list below until you find ones that you haven't used before and then work through the accompanying lesson.

  • Major Pentatonic Scales

    Major Pentatonic Scales can most often be heard in Rock, Country and Jazz and sometimes in Blues as there is only one note difference between the Major Pentatonic and the Major Blues Scale.

  • Natural Minor Scales

    The Natural Minor starts on the 6th note of the Major Scale and is also known as the Aeolian Mode. It shares all of the same notes as the Major scale that it is related to.

    In order to help understand scales and before you attempt the Harmonic and Melodic Minor scales it is important to get your fingers around this one.

  • Melodic Minor Scale

    The Melodic Minor is a complicated scale that is more commonly found in Jazz and Fusion Music. It is the same as the Natural Minor although in its ascending form the 6th and 7th notes are raised by a semi tone. When descending the Melodic Minor reverts back to the Natural Minor.